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Pacific Capital Bancorp Class Action Litigation

Notice Of Dismissal Pursuant Rule 41(a) Or (c) F.R. Civ. P. (121 KB)

Case2:09-cv=06501=RGK-PLA Document 14 Filed 09/29/2009 Page 1 of 3 Patrice L. Bishop (SBN 182256) STULL, STULL & BRODY 10940 Wilshire Boulevard Suite 2300 Los Angeles, CA 90024 Tel: (310) 209-2468 UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT CENTRAL DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA WILLIAM JURKOWITZ, etc. v. PACIFIC CAPITAL BANCORP, et al. Plaintiffs), Defendants). CASE NUMBER CV09-06501 RGK (PLAx) NOTICE OF DISMISSAL PURSUANT RULE 41(a) or (c) F.R.Civ.P. PLEASE TAKE NOTICE: (Check one) ? This action is dismissed by the Plaintiff(s) in its entirety. ? The Counterclaim brought by Claimant(s) dismissed by Claimant(s) in its entirety. is ? The Cross-Claim brought by Claimants(s)_______________________________________________________ dismissed by the Claimant(s) in its entirety. ? The Third-party Claim brought by Claimant(s)___________________________________________________ dismissed by the Claimant(s) in its entirety. m ONLY Defendant^) SANDLER O’NEILL ASSET MANAGEMENT LLC____________________