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Brent Lavitt v. Goodwill Retail

The settlement of the lawsuit titled Brent Lavitt v. Goodwill Retail, Case No. BC516038 [Related to BC520313, BC537429, BC538391, BC536738], has been approved. In addition to the class members receiving a settlement check, they will also receive a merchandise credit, in the amount of $26.42.

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Class Settlement Administration


ILYM Group, Inc.s skilled Project Managers provide experience, expertise, confidence and service in the delivery of expectation of those involved with the settlement. The efficiencies that ILYM Group, Inc. has built into its service oriented and proven methodology is fast becoming an industry standard.

The Team at ILYM Group, Inc. understands the intricate details of handling a class settlement and servicing its members from initial contact to closure. The years of experience has allowed ILYM Group, Inc. to become one of the most proficient administration firms available to streamline your class settlement.

ILYM Group, Inc. provides an unmatched combination of experience, technology and resources to facilitate your class action court orders and seamlessly transition from litigation support to class settlement.

ILYM Group, Inc.’s settlement services for your class include:

Processing of Class Members Claims
Expert Project Managers for Unmatched Customer Service
Consulting and Management of Class Action Orders and Settlement Disputes
Formulation of Settlement Agreement and Fulfillment
Class Status Reporting, 24/7 Online Access and Special Analyses
Validation and Filing of Documentation

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