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Brent Lavitt v. Goodwill Retail

The settlement of the lawsuit titled Brent Lavitt v. Goodwill Retail, Case No. BC516038 [Related to BC520313, BC537429, BC538391, BC536738], has been approved. In addition to the class members receiving a settlement check, they will also receive a merchandise credit, in the amount of $26.42.

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Consultation of Pre-Settlement Services


ILYM Group, Inc. works with its clients to ensure that the proposed settlement for administration runs with the least amount of friction. With our focus on service and delivery of expectations, ILYM Group, Inc. consults and identifies potential road blocks that may arise during the settlement administration and cost our clients time and unseen costs.

Understanding the need to plan ahead, ILYM Group, Inc. can work with our clients, and together a comprehensive cost evaluation of the potential class action, member size and proactive solutions. This process will also help identify “Real Time” expectations for our client’s timelines including identification of class members, legal notification and media representation, undeliverable notifications and claim forms, design and implementation of online services and E-Claim forms and class member distribution management.

ILYM Group, Inc. provides our clients with the most comprehensive, seamless and cost effective Pre-Settlement consulting available. Through our partnering process, we are able to analyze and consult the settlement process and lend effective advice that has helped save our clients’ time, costly oversights and class and counsel dissatisfaction.

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