Our Services

Leading-Edge Class Data Management

ILYM Group has developed a Leading-Edge Relational Database System that allows us to integrate all class members. With our focus on efficiency, ILYM group designs a database to facilitate the incoming class members that maximizes security and identification of each member. We can handle a variety of formats, sizes and special class needs and identify the best approach to contact each identifiable member.

ILYM Groups Relational Database allows each identifiable member to be reach with maximum effort, which is a Federal requirement, in a cost effective manner. Our technological advantage also helps to reduce redundancies in notifications, or mailing to non-identified class members.

Our technical experts provide the most effective means of managing class member data, formatting into standard programming and measurable cost efficiencies.

Services Included:

  • Normalization of multiple class file formats
  • Customizable Data Processing
  • Identification and Removal of Redundant Members
  • Class Member and Address Location Services
  • Integration, Design and Implementation of Class Database
  • Mail Merge Preparation and NCOA Service