Our Services

Proactive Legal Notification and Media Center

ILYM Group, Inc.’s legal notice experts have partnered with one of the largest Mail and Postal companies in the country, to provide experience, expertise, customer service and quality control. Through this partnership ILYM Group, Inc. has implemented new technologies that have helped out clients realize significant cost savings and 24/7 access to the Postal System and become experts in legal noticing.

Our expertise in Notification and Media representation is unsurpassed. ILYM Group, Inc.’s experts provide a variety of Noticing, Claim Forms and Media Outlets that meets our client’s expectations and budgets. We have the capabilities to handle all class size Direct Mailings/Forms, Internet and Electronic Mail (email), Mobile Media and Social Networks and respected Media Outlets, to maximize coverage and minimize costs.

We have developed a system that allows us to identify all viable class members, re-mail undeliverable claims, and control quality, so that each member can best understand what is being presented to them. ILYM Group, Inc.’s legal notice experts continue to improve its measures to proof read for content, validity and proper flow in each language option.

ILYM Group, Inc. also works with a variety of Media resources across the country, to ensure maximum exposure in all Media Outlets, Internet and Social Networking groups. That way no matter which way a class is notified in, we can deliver our clients the most certifiable responses.

Services Included:

  • Direct Mail and Postcard Notification
  • Email Notification
  • Media Representation Based Notification (television, newspaper, radio, magazine)
  • Customized Forms Design, Claims Forms and Notices
  • Social Networks and Internet Noticing (websites, twitter, facebook)
  • Multi-Lingual Notification and Grammatical Verification
  • Your Mail Notification (verification of notice delivery)
  • Design and Launch of Class Website